The road to Geneva 2017

With the first big expo of the European calendar fast approaching, and the history of the show dictating it will have most of this years big supercar and hypercar launches meaning there is A LOT to be excited about.

In anticipation for the trip this year I thought it would be good to go over what cars I am most looking forward to seeing this year.

Aston Martin

Although Aston’s DB11 Volante is still a year away, the Vanquish S Volante is as traditional as an Aston drop top will get. With a 600hp V12 giving you power higher up the rev range and suitable upgrades to the drivetrain and suspension. The cosmetic tweaks from the Vanquish S are carried over and is one of the best-looking Aston’s off the assembly line.


Do you remember the days when 400hp was supercar level power? Well now you can get it in a hot hatch as Audi’s RS3 returns packing a slightly harder punch. It will be the most powerful hot hatch on sale and uses the tweaks made to the engine from the highly acclaimed TT RS. We are also expecting to see the new RS3 Saloon featured. We may also be lucky enough to see a production version of the all new Q8.


Ferrari caught everyone a little off guard this year with their new car that will be debuted at Geneva – the 812 Superfast. The F12 successor features that soulful naturally-aspirated V12 and has 800hp and 529lb ft and will propel you to well over 212mph. It also gets the F12 TdF’s four-wheel steer called Virtual Short Wheelbase 2.0 and an updated version of Side Slip Control. All in all, it should be one very tasty car!


This year will see another track focused Lamborghini try and steal the show. With Lamborghini’s history of track focused cars we know we are in for a treat. After the Aventador SV smashed a lap of the Nurburgring in 6min 59sec and now the new Huracan Performante is said to have beaten it. The Performante will be available as a coupe or Spyder. The Huracan Performante features the new Active Lamborghini Aerodynamics which automatically open and close flaps to offer the optimum amount of downforce or drag resistance depending on a wealth of inputs. Best of all, it retains the amazing V10 from the standard Huracan with power expected to be up at about the 640bhp mark.

It would be rude not to mention the URUS, Lamborghini’s new SUV which is set to be revealed at Geneva, not too much is known about it yet so keep your eyes peeled to see how that unfolds.


We have seen a lot of teasers leading up to the reveal of the ‘P14 or 720’, these have included the P1-inspired Monocage II carbon tub, Variable Drift Control, ProActive Chassis Control II and a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8. Given the increasing irrelevance of 0-62 times the importance of the 0-125mph time that’s the only performance stat thus released is clear – 7.8 seconds is a tenth quicker than a 675LT but, more importantly, a whole half second faster than a Ferrari 488 GTB. Everyone who has been lucky enough to see the car seems to be very excited.


A 612hp all-wheel drive saloon or estate would have sounded like stuff of dreams 10 years ago but Mercedes-AMG has put its most powerful V8 in the E-Class. And given you the option of disconnecting the all-wheel drive system to put all that power through the rear axle. Sounds good to us, particularly with the debut of the estate version coming to Geneva. In other news Mercedes will be unveiling the Maybach-badged G650 Landaulet, a monstrous combination of jacked-up, portal-axled G500 ‘Squared’ and Maybach-grade opulence. With a V12 pushing and a top speed of 144mph, the G650 is no slouch! We have also heard rumours around the Mercedes hypercar, project one, as we draw closer to the date, personally I’m not optimistic of seeing it at Geneva.


Pagani have had huge success with their Huayra but now want to cater for those people who want a more open top, wind in the hair experience. The Pagani Huayra Roadster is here as an ‘unbridled work of art’ but still capable of 1.8G of cornering force, a limited run of 100 and a price of 2.3million euros – plus every one of the 100 build slots is already sold out so if you wanted one, unfortunately you can’t have one.


Porsche has a long history of launching show-stealing cars like the 918 and last year the reveal of the 911R, which we all know about! This year, word is that they are going to be launching the new 991.2 911 GT3, which will be available with the awesome PDK dual clutch but also with the addition of a manual (hooray!). Rumours are it is set to feature a naturally-aspirated engine that will increase capacity from 3.8-litres to 4.0-litres with power tipped over 500bhp, which if is the case will make it one of the most desirable GT3’s in recent times.

They are the main big launches I am looking forward to this year, however I’m certain there will be a lot more that catches my eye when I’m there.


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