Ferrari 812 Superfast – the F12 replacement

Geneva Motor show brings some pretty special cars each and every year, this year we get to see a whole host of game changing cars, but one no less important is the launch of the Ferrari F12 replacement, we know that this will be called the 812 Superfast  and will be making its debut in a few weeks at the show.  The biggest headline for me is that they are keeping the V12 lump up front.

So I guess you’ll be wanting numbers. Power is 800hp at 8,500rpm, and torque of 529lb ft at 7,000rpm. Yes that’s right 7,000! Don’t worry though, we know what you’re thinking ‘all that power will make it very peaky, making it undriveable’ however that simply isn’t true, with 80 per cent of it being available from 3,500rpm. Variable geometry intake ducts and new 350bar fuel injection are partly to thank for these outputs, the engine also increasing in capacity from 6.2 to 6.5 litres. The outgoing F12 had 740hp and 509lb ft, the TdF version 780hp and 520lb ft, the latter at a ‘diesel like’ 6,250rpm.

The only performance figures released at this moment are ‘more than’ 212mph top speed and a fairly meaningless 0-62 time of 2.9 seconds. So yes, it’s going to be quick. How quick, we are yet to see.


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