Top Gear – in the studio part 2.

Hello again!

Where were we up to? Oh yes, we had spent 3 hours browsing the car park and just been told that our phones were to be left in the car (sorry no pictures!) and we hopped on the bus. The bus journey took about 5 minutes, even with the bus driver taking a wrong turn.

So after the bus journey, we spent a further 45 minutes queuing to get in to the studio!

Finally, we are in. It all feels a bit militant as we are asked to line up around the studio, we spent some time looking around and taking it all in, the new set up of the studio, where others were standing and trying to work out what was in store over the next few hours. It took around 45 minutes to get everyone in, as we were one of the first. After the 45 minutes, I first saw Chris Evans! Before starting we had a talk from the producer of the show, which included a firm warning about how Matt LeBlanc is not Joey from friends (we all know he is Joey from friends though!) and were then entertained by a comedian, who was actually very funny..

Then the time arrived, it was time to finally begin filming! So luckily (or unluckily!) we were in the background of the first scene so will be on TV! Chris Evans was very chatty throughout and engaged with members of the audience which was nice to see. We watched the first segment which featured a Dodge Viper ACR, the Top Gun flight school and a Corvette ZO6 that is piloted by Sabine Schmitz. Then the Viper ACR was handed over to the tame racing driver for a lap round the test track.

Joey (Matt LeBlanc) was up next and did his first piece. The theme behind this first episode was Britain vs USA (who saw that coming!?…) and it featured a trek up to black pool for Chris and Matt in a pair of Reliant Robin’s. Who thinks both cars actually managed to make it up to Blackpool?

Next was a feature on the Ariel Nomad, which I must say looks and feels (yes I touched it) like an amazing piece of kit. Matt got to race around the desert really pushing the off road machine to the limit.  What a machine!!

The guest for the show were Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network and most recently Batman vs Superman) and Gordon Ramsey. This was the most entertaining element of the studio show, with both guest providing humour and good conversation. Gordon discussing his LaFarrari and confirming that there will be a LaFarrari Spyder!! Which has been rumoured for a while but I can now confirm they are taking it in to production, Gordon had the Carbon Fibre box with the keys in to prove it! The track and car for the star in a reasonably priced car has been changed for this season and now includes off road elements and a rally cross. I could tell you who won (it’ll be obvious when you watch) but that would ruin the surprise wouldn’t it??

We then returned back to the USA vs UK with a couple of old land rovers racing up a mountain which provided quite a lot of entertainment. After this it was time to draw the show to a close. The final studio segment for the show filmed and that was that.

Now you probably think well that was a long read, so thank you if you are this far, but my day was not over it was now time to see some of the other presenters on screen such as Rory Reid, Sabine Schmitz and Chris Harris for a show called Extra Gear which is set to be shown on BBC Three online and will be available immediately after Top Gear has finished. This contains behind the scene interview with Chris Evans and Sabine and a further discussion with Rory Reid and Chris Harris… in my opinion this is well worth watching (maybe more so than the main show!).

Apart from being on my feet all day and spending most of it waiting round, in the car park and in-between takes it was a really good day and I would recommend everyone to watch the new series of Top Gear!


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