Top Gear – in the studio part 1

Last year I was lucky enough to get tickets to attend the recording of the first Top Gear show post Clarkson, Hammond and May.

With the new series due to start on 5th May 2017, I thought it would be time to share my experiences of Top Gear filming.

The journey

The filming was in Dunsfold, which is approximately 250 miles away from where we live. In order to get there it seemed the most sensible decision was to drive down the night before and we were filled with excitement when we finally got on the road on Wednesday night. Due to circumstances we didn’t actually get on the road until 10pm which meant an arrival time at our accommodation of 2am…

So after a dull motorway drive we finally arrived at around 2.15am, had a cup of tea and hit the hay as we had an early rise the following morning. Sadly the 9am alarm came around far too quickly, so after a quick shower and all important cup of tea we hit the road towards Dunsfold.

Waiting around

We arrived at Dunsfold Aerodrome at about 10.30am and were quite apprehensive as we didn’t know what to expect. We park up and are told to wait further instruction, not quite realising how long we would be waiting round. We sat and talked in the car watching more and more cars arrive. It wasn’t long before there were some very nice cars appearing. The first was a Lamborghini Gallardo Performonte (LP570-4).

Lamborghini Gallardo

We were then fortunate enough to see a duo of very special cars, a Lamborghini Aventador that had just ran the Gumball 3000 and a URBAN edition Range Rover SVR. Both cars sounded phenomenal (YouTube video of this can be found here –

URBAN Range Rover and Aventador

After catching this picture of them on the way in I couldn’t help but get some close ups of these two monsters.

By the point of seeing these two we had been waiting in the car park for a good 2 hours. As I said earlier, I had expected the waiting round but not to this degree. The two cars that the Aventador was parked next to are worthy of a mention and one of them (Ariel Nomad) which was featured on Top Gear it’s self.


After having a long browse of everything in the car park we were finally called for attention at the entrance. After walking back we were told by staff that this is completely new, any expectation forget them and that we will all be on TV! So far so good. So what’s next. We were told no phones are allowed from this point on, they are to be left in the car or we will be escorted off site. With that said our phones were locked in the car and we were asked to get on a bus to go to the studio, here we go..


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