Audi RS3 Sportback get’s facelifted

Audi have given some love to their fastest hot hatch on the market. It now receives the updated 2.5-litre engine that was given to the latest TTRS, this new uprated, lighter 2.5-litre five-cylinder turbo engine now gives the RS3 a very tasty 400PS (494bhp). Audi claim this will propel the RS3 from 0-62mph in 4.1, although we have seen pre-facelift RS3’s hitting 3.9, so feel this may be conservative by Audi to fit the RS3 in it’s place within the RS lineup.

This upgrade now puts the Audi RS3 at the top of the hot hatch power race, with it’s closest rivals now being the new facelift Mercedes A45 AMG, which has 370PS.

With BMW only offering a M140i, which has 340PS, naturally the closest rival to the RS3 is the M2, which offers a very different ownership proposition.

Will this force BMW’s hand in introducing a new RS3 competitor that is a hatch back? Only time will tell, but the introduction of the new RS3 might just force their hand.



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